Galago Pant

84,95 50,97

High-quality pants with stretch and tapered legs. Finished with many details like a comfortable waistband, elastic bottom cuffs, zipped pocket on leg and loops for brushes.

Wave Short

58,95 35,37

Lightweight beach model shorts with comfy waistband. Old model with black logo waist band.

Yaba Pant

72,95 43,77

Basic lightweight pants with elastic bottom cuffs. Old model with black logo waist band.

Alphane Jeans [old model]

79,95 47,97

Baggy jeans with tapered legs in stretchy denim fabric.
Same fitting as new one but with different fabric.

Efficiency Pant

78,95 47,37

Our classic pants made from cotton with stretch. Finished with elastic waistband, knee pleats and adjustable elastic bottom cuffs.

Wave Short

58,95 47,16

Lightweight shorts with stretch. Finished with comfortable logo waistband makes it looks like beach model shorts.

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