Made in Europe

Perfect Fit

Made by climbers, based on our own experiences and extensively tested for the perfect fit.

Honest Products

Produced in local factories to guarantee honest pricing and fair working conditions.

Fair Price

Distinctive designs and quality products for an affordable price – that’s our goal with every product.

Made in Europe

Textiles can be an unethical and unsustainable product. Almost no article of clothing can be completely free from the negative aspects of textile production, but we are doing our best to make the right choices for more sustainable products, while keeping the quality and the price we want.

Local Production

Firstly, our clothing is produced in local factories in Portugal, with working conditions that comply with EU rules, and the possibility of smaller production runs which means less chance of large leftovers (sale leftovers are always donated to a charity organization). Working with a local agent also reduces our need to visit the factories and lowers transport emissions.


Special dying process

For our trousers we use so-called garment dye. This means the products are sewed in raw white material and dyed afterwards. This means less wastage of dyed remaining material. All water used for the garment dye process is collected by the local government and treated. Our pants are all marked with a ‘Wash when dirty’ care label. Only wash your clothes if really necessary to help save CO2 and water.


Organic fabrics

A part of our products are made from organic cotton which has a smaller environmental impact than other conventional materials and we aim to switch to these and even better materials for our future products by moving away from conventional cotton. Products from our new collection line are also packed in biodegradable bags and hang tags are made from recycled paper with cord from non-synthetic material.