The European Championships will be a massive event from 11 to 21 August 2022 where 4,400 athletes from all over Europe will compete for medals in 158 different sports. And climbing will be included. The European Championships will be organized by the international climbing association IFSC (International Federation of Sport..
Hangboarding or ‘Hangs’ could be an excellent addition to climbing training to train grip strength and upper body strength. But before starting hangs you there are some things to consider. We recommend only to start with Hangs if you climb at least for 1 year and even better 2 years...
Running for a better oxygen supply and maximum function of oxygen transportation
Running could be a good extra addition to climbing training. With running, you will train endurance, and you will help your body with a better oxygen supply and maximum function of oxygen transportation, which will support your body in your climbing training routine. If you start running, start with an..
Dock Masters 2020; a world-class bouldering event on the 8th and 9th of February 2020 at Boulderhal Energiehaven, Utrecht, The Netherlands.  The competition for the Masters category has been held over two days. A qualification round from 8 boulder flash, a World Cup semi-final format (top 20) and a final..