Hangboarding or ‘Hangs’ could be an excellent addition to climbing training to train grip strength and upper body strength. But before starting hangs you there are some things to consider.

We recommend only to start with Hangs if you climb at least for 1 year and even better 2 years. You must have climbed over 1-2 years with consistency. It takes years for your cartilage, tendons and ligaments to adjust to climbing. Train your fingers first by climbing. Climb more overhang or use smaller footholds to strengthen your fingers.

Are you 18 years or older? If not, it can be dangerous for you to do ‘Hangs’. Consult your trainer first.

Are you injury-free? Don’t do ‘Hangs’ if you have any injuries at your fingers, shoulders or elbows.

Can you hold the grip you want to hang on for at least 15 seconds? Otherwise, it does make sense to start doing ‘Hangs’ on this grip.

Before you start the session, always warm up properly. You’re risking injuries every time you don’t warm up properly. Warm-up with cardio and activation & mobility. Your warm-up should be at least 15 minutes long. Use one of the FITclimbing Warm-up workouts to start your session. Each hang session starts with squeezing a stress ball or any other tool you can squeeze in.

And also important for hangs….
! Do never do full crimps. Youse only half crimps and open hands.
! Retract Your Shoulders
! Don’t want to go too fast. It should take at least 2 months before noticing any significant improvements.